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Friday, October 13, 2006

Greetings, Earthlings


There is a piece of paper given out by immigration officials in Japan. It begins with this salutation, `To Alien Entering Japan', and issues this directive: `You must, within 90 days of your entry into Japan, appear in person at the office of the city, ward, town or village where you reside, and apply for alien registration, submitting your passport and 2 copies of your photograph'.

And so, I have registered as an alien. (Incidentally, 'Venus' in Japanese is 'Biinasu'.)

That piece of paper goes on to say, `In case you leave Japan within 90 days of your entry into Japan, you are not required to apply for alien registration'.

All you non-Earthlings making a pit-stop in Japan on your way to Alpha Centauri, please take note.

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