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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Postcards from the edge of the English language

15th November 2006

I swore I wouldn't do it.

Before coming to Japan and starting this blog, I promised myself that I wouldn't make fun of Engrish - English wrung dry by the Japanese mangler - because, for most people, it's not easy to learn another language. Besides, the Japanese should be lauded for their willingness to use English (on clothes, stationery and lunchboxes, if not actually to foreigners).

That's what I thought. And that's what I still think.

But today I went to the handmade goods fair at Chion-ji and there were these postcards and on the postcards there were these words and... Oh, hell. Look, I'll behave in some other post, all right?

For the next little while, let me remember some of the postcards I bought today and laugh again:

1) Bamboo shoot caught in morning
I will be tall bamboo at once, too.
If I'm not eaten by human...

Town enclosed by Mt. Hiei and Mt. Daimonji
The japanese-style confection is delicious.
Scenery in Kyoto is delicious too.!
Let's enjoy it until becoming a full stomach.

3) (Postcard shows two white rocks connected by a red string.)
Dose my feelings reach him?
Love prediction
This is game to confirm love

4) This is a mysterious small bag.
Please enjoy the various smells and colors.
(Postcard shows mysterious small bag.)

Machiya knows various things.

6) Ichijyouji
Fierce battle district of ramen
Let's go to eat ramen this evening!

7) OZOUNI shiromiso
Delicious that melts!!!
You will also eat at the New Year.!

8) The face of Kyoto peeps.
(Postcard shows... God knows what the postcard shows. There's a vista of some kind and a bit of snow falling.)

9) Arashiyama Chikurin
Road of light enclosed by tall bamboos.
Let's feel the minus ion.

And the answer to your questions is:

Let's feel the minus idiom.

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