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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hell is empty and all the devils are here on holiday

18th August 2007

Hot. Urngngh.

Must. Do. One. More. Post. Before. Melting -

* Ice cream intermission *

There're other places in Japan recording higher temperatures but the important point is, I'm not there. I'm in Kyoto and every time I open the front door, a blast of hot air slams into my face.

It makes me wonder if the folks in Hell have decided that it'd be nice to take the kids to Kyoto for the summer.

But the silver-lined cloud in all this is the evening sky. Yesterday's had clouds scattered like sand, turning the sky into a summer seaside.

So I could go to the beach just by looking up on the street where I live.


Leoma said...

You write very well.

onehand said...

Thanks. Enjoy your time here.