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Friday, May 13, 2011

Last lot for the year

14th May 2011

I promised a friend that I'd post pictures of the sakura by the river once it bloomed. It's a little late but here they are.

There was a young man holding a guitar and a pencil. He seemed to be writing a song.


Tse Chueen said...

Wah... thank you : ) tc

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! When and where was this taken? I would like to see the sakura this year.

onehand said...

Hi Anonymous, this was taken along the Kamo and Takano rivers, north of the point where they meet at Demachiyanagi. I think this batch is from around mid-April.

Anonymous said...

onehand,Thank you your reply and sharing your experiences in Japan!Maybe I will visit this April for hanami.